Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 5, 2014 Scouting Report

December 5, 2014 Scouting Report

It's here - hot off the presses and the final installment of another year of intrepid detail and willful misinformation! As I write this I realize that we certainly seem to have gotten off lightly so far this winter. Looking at a lot of brown grass this week has allayed my mild concern regarding whether or not turf had hardened off appropriately to the cold temperatures. That however has changed and many of the courses are now looking appropriately brown. Unfortunately some damage has occurred during the cold snap which will be seen all the way into late April of next year.

Conference season is in full swing as well as a spat of annual meetings for the various association - further to that, the CDGA Club Leadership Conference is upcoming and our session for prospective greens chairmen and superintendents has some very interesting topics in regards to the role of a greens chairman, water issues facing golf courses and course changes in relation to re-grassing, redesigns are all on the slate for discussion on February 21st at Medinah CC. Guest speakers will be in place from the USGA, GCSAA as well as presenters who have had recent experience on some of the mentioned topics.

As it is the last scouting report of the season, it would be poor of me not to remind you of the education opportunities coming up - OTF next week, Wisconsin Turfgrass Research Day, Jan 6th , ITF January 13-14th, MTF, and of course GIS in San Antonio February 21-26. These are all great opportunities - avail of them. Online opportunities at the Great Lakes Turf School are also available here.

One last note is to thank you for your support this year and as always Happy Holidays - whichever way you celebrate it!

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