Thursday, November 20, 2014

Current State of Affairs and What to Expect in 2015

We are finished with the Phase III bunker renovation work for 2014.  There is work that needs to be completed going into the spring and we will do our best to finish the work as quickly as possible. 

Following is a project update:
  •         Front 9 renovation is complete
  •         All bentgrass has been sodded per the architect’s design
  •        All bunkers on the back 9 have been rough shaped
  •         Final shape work and drainage is required on holes 10 and 18
  •         Drainage to the traps has been completed on all back 9 holes to help remove water when the spring thaw begins
  •        Liner is installed on hole #14; Holes 10, 15, 16, and 18 require liner installation
  •        Bluegrass needs to be sodded on holes 10, 15, 16,and 18
  •         Seeding (dormant seeding) is completed to give it a jump start to growth when soil temperatures warm up

What Can Golfers Expect When the Season Officially Opens?
Our first priority will be to get the bunkers sodded, lined, and filled with sand.  We have approximately 2 weeks of work left to finish the remaining bunkers.  Our goal is to have all bunkers open for play when the golf course opens in the spring.  Golfers will be able to play from the new bunkers even with the “bare” seeded areas.  These areas will be roped off and should be open for play sometime in June.

Below are pictures of the bunker renovation project:

Crew working on installing liner on #14

Bunker complex on the left side of #7

New greenside bunkers on #7

View of #9 on the tee; new tees will be added to the right

View of #1 on the tee