Thursday, August 27, 2015

Aerification Schedule

As September approaches, it’s time to plan for aerification.   This is an important process to ensure the overall health of the golf course for not only the remaining part of this year, but also July and August of 2016.

Our primary objectives in aerating all of the playing surfaces include:

Gas Exchange
Thatch Control
Air/Water Movement
Compaction Relief

Aerification schedule for fall:

September 1-3- Pull plugs on tees and approaches
September 8-10- Pull plugs in rough
September 8- Seed Fescue
September 22-23- Dethatch/Verticut fairways
October 6-8- Deep tine fairways and greens

Because of the amount of thatch on the fairways, we will institute a new process called verticutting this year.  This will turn up A LOT of thatch on the fairways.  Follow the link to see the machine in action!

Notice the wavy appearance of the fairways- this is due to the amount of thatch that has accumulated on the fairways.

The above pictures were taken on a fairway.  Verticutting the fairways will help control this thatch.

This is a plug taken from an approach.  Note the difference in the amount of thatch (…about ½” at most). This is the result of regularly scheduled aerification.