Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Morning Push

Our day starts at 5:30am, and during the peak summer months we start at 5:00 am and sometimes even 4:30 am!  If anyone wishes to see the morning push you must be there at 5:30 AM.  We live by the slogan, early is on time, and on time is late!! Assignments vary from mowing greens, collars, fairways, rough, raking bunkers, changing cups or working on upcoming projects. During this meeting we discuss job specifics or events (i.e. shotgun starts). This is the most dedicated and hard-working crew I’ve had the opportunity to work with!  Every person cares about the playability and aesthetics of Kemper Lakes!

Grounds crew going over daily assignments

 All mowers are ready to go!

Our bunkers have steep faces to make shots more difficult. Juan is mowing what we call a “finger” in the bunker.  We use a special piece of equipment called a “hover mower”.  This mower, “hovers” along the grass to mow these tougher areas.

Juan using the “Hover Mower” on a bunker finger.

One of the best tools we use on a daily basis is our TDR Soil Moisture Meter. We use this to monitor soil moisture in the greens.  During peak summer months, this is used to help prevent wilting from occurring on the greens.  In July and August, we check greens twice daily.  This allows us to keep greens as firm as possible without the possibility of losing any turf.

And of course, we try to reward hard work with as much praise as possible!  The guys are excellent cooks, they make an outstanding carne asada!