Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#6 Green Health

Many members have been inquiring about the condition of the 6th green.  The back right portion of the #6 green has been struggling due to the location of the big pine tree (see pictures below) located on the west side of the green.  In this case, the problem is a water issue and not a light issue.  The tree is located 20 feet off the green and its roots extend 2x the drip line (area under the trees canopy).  Therefore, its roots extend precisely to the location where the green is suffering. 

We can hand water this location, but it’s not in the best interest for the continue health of the green.  The greens shouldn't require daily water management at this time. Turning the sprinklers on longer in this area can help the green from drying out, but areas that don’t need the additional moisture are over-watered.  This leads to disease and increases the poa annua (bent likes it dry).

We are removing this pine to protect the health of the green.