Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Crew Appreciation and Grubs!

Below are the men of the entire grounds maintenance team!  During the summer, we start at 5 AM to provide the playing conditions that our members enjoy.  They take tremendous pride in the work they complete on the golf course.  We work through the rain or shine and through the cold months!  Next time you see any member of our crew, please tell them “Thanks!”

Pictured from Left to Right:

Mike Paciga, Huver Vargas, Magorito Espinoza, Javier Hernandez, Ever Figueroa, Balta Vasquez, Reynaldo Ocampo, Omar Vargas, Eliodoro Hernandez, Jon Savoie, Ricardo Vargas, Bartolo Solano, and Alvino Antunez

Not Pictured:  Cal Moyer, Peter Solkaski, Octavio Rios, Javier Hernandez, and David Field

We've been battling some grubs this year, particularly #10 fairway as shown below.  We treat the entire golf course preventatively back at the end of June, however, we never really know how effective it is until the fall.  We did have some breakthrough this year, which may be attributed to the amount of rain we received this year.  We have been treating the grubs post emergent in these areas.  The damage has begun to subside and recovery is now evident.