Saturday, August 2, 2014

Couple weeks in review!

As the length of daylight shortens, the maintenance crew begins their day later in the morning.  We currently start at 5 AM so that we don’t interrupt golf play on any of the holes.  Starting Monday, however, we will start at 5:30 AM due to morning darkness.  If you tee off before 7 AM you may meet up with our greens mower or set up person.

In the past couple of weeks we’ve been able to get more detail work done throughout the course.  We’ve begun the process of limbing up the pines on #13, 14, and 15.  The next trim area is the area to the right of #5. 

#14 Before

#14 After

You may have noticed the edging of sprinklers on the course.  

Click on the video below to see the head edger in action!

Finally, you may have seen one of our staff poking little holes on the greens with a device that looks like a pogo stick.  This is actually a new piece of equipment we purchased to measure soil moisture in the greens.  It provides information that allows us to water more efficiently, save water, and “dry” the greens out without worrying about wilt.

Reynaldo Ocampo (our foreman) checking the greens for soil moisture.

The output screen of our meter.  VMC% means volumetric water content percent.  The reading of 18.4 indicates that the soil moisture is adequate.  If the reading registers below 10, watering would be initiated, as wilt would set in during the afternoon hours.