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July 11, 2014 Scouting Report

Scouting Report
July 11, 2014 Scouting Report

A week of perfection almost was how we could describe this week. For those of you who had healthy turf starting the week - the end of the week should have been a great finish despite some rain. Blue skies and excellent temperatures really made for the best growing week we have had so far this year. Courses that were suffering from some of the heat and stress of the previous week began to clear up and return to excellent conditions in the Chicagoland area. Further south there were some stressful conditions early in the week but people are looking forward to next weeks summer version of the polar vortex as the early part of the week temperatures are predicted to drop back to highs in the 60's in Chicago while highs in Carbondale the highs are predicted to top out in the mid to upper 70's - glorious!

The British Open is next up for many of us to look at and the talk of brown is better will continue, however it is always easier to do this on sand based soils in weather conditions that are not humid and in temperatures that don't reach the 90 degree mark... EVER. For us particularly in the northern part of the state it is something to always keep in mind when thinking about new grass surfaces and long term sustainability of them. One summer doesn't make a lifetime of putting surfaces unfortunately. Further to that, there is a course rotation for the British Open and so these courses can take ten years off before the next Open which is why they can push their greens to extremes unlike daily play courses - it's not like we can open for one week of the year! Enjoy the viewing but remember links golf only makes up 5% of the golf courses across the pond!

Disease pressure has dissipated somewhat this week, though insect damage did start to show up as courses began to dry out. It seems that bluegrass billbug has made an appearance as a couple of locations failed the tug test. Further to that, adult Japanese beetles have shown up all over and the seedcorn beetle was also found towards the end of the week. Finally field day season has reached us, for the very latest in research results they are a great tool to help you make decisions for that early order program that is surely going to sitting on your desk soon.

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