Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Finishing Odds and Ends

The past couple of weeks the grounds crew finished some much needed projects.  We are in the process of winterizing the course; everything is in excellent shape heading into winter.  We applied our final snow mold (fungus during winter months) treatments on greens, tees, and fairways and top-dressed them heavily with sand before the snow hit.

#11 drain has been fixed.  This area always flooded during heavy rains.  We shouldn’t have any issues which going forward.  A big root was the culprit for the problem.

#4 drainage has also been fixed.  The area to the left of the #4 green had to be retrenched after the renovation since the original pipe was crushed.  It was difficult to get the pipe pitched correctly since we only have about 2 inches to work with.  We were able to get it lasered correctly to pitch down into the nearest catch basin.   Everything worked as planned after the last rainfall!

We’ve added some stone curbing to areas where the carts like to pull off to the side and on curves in the cart paths.  This work not only serves a useful purpose but also adds an aesthetic touch to the cart paths.

Finished product