Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fescue Areas

Last year’s transition to Fescue in selective areas was very successful so we’ve begun the process of adding it in additional spaces.  It became especially noticeable this past weekend as the areas are beginning to die back.  The areas we are transitioning this year include: right of #4, front of #8, sections along the water edge (#8,behind #2, and right of #3), and #13. 

This process offers several sustainability benefits for golf courses.  Fescue provides not only an aesthetic component to the golf course, but also allows for:

-        Fertilizer Reduction
-        Water use reduction
-        Erosion control- acts as a buffer strip along waterways that helps filter nutrients before they enter the lakes

Addition of fescue along the water edge also assists with geese control, as the fowl don’t have an easy access point to the water.

The weeds in the fescue areas are becoming more noticeable (especially thistle and barnyardgrass).  We are using an herbicide that selectively kills the weeds and not the fescue grass.  The weeds are beginning to turn white since they are unable to photosynthesize.  Soon they will turn brown.  In order for this herbicide to be effective, 3-4 applications are required.  

Canadian thistle turning white after herbicide application

Barnyardgras turning white